Custom SwaggyScan Smart QR Code Business Card-Metal

  • $25.00

IMPORTANT! If you get confused, do not worry. We make a proof for every order! We can discuss any questions you may have. We aren't just a  product....we're a service catering to your needs.

The Last Business Card you'll ever buy- The SwaggyScan Smart card. We utilize QR code technology and a classy, durable black metal base with every card we make.

SwaggyScan is customized with NO MINIUMUM ORDER and no additional fee required. Buy 1 or Buy 100!  

Your SwaggyScan card comes with 1 Day Turnaround and Express 2-3 Day shipping. No need to wait up to a month simply for wanting your Logo on your card! 

Now the BEST PART! Your SwaggyScan comes SET UP FOR YOU! Ready to go, loaded with your details when it arrives to you. But Wait! There's more. You can EDIT your QR ANY TIME by scanning the small QR code on the back of the card. 

We will give you a special login to be able to change and edit anytime. You'll also have a link to reorder new SwaggyScan cards when you're ready.

Upload your Logo or any image file (picture, design, print-no trademarked images),.  TYPE all links, business name or any details for QR code. Or if you already have a platform hosting your links, simply type in the URL for it and we can generate a QR OR just upload an existing QR if you're 100% already happy with it! Also any notes about your logo or design if needed!

Then choose card Orientation (Classic Horizontal or Modern Vertical), Background color (or Glitter!)

We use durable .8mm Black metal cards and high quality printing for a pop of color with every scan. This means you can go FULL COLOR on the front while maintaining the awesome effect of the metal finish on the back.

We will send a Proof from # 352-606-9742 so be on the lookout!

Stop spending $$$ each year to buy paper business cards. 80% of them end up in the trash!

QR Codes have always been and always will be universal, convenient, safe and easy for anyone with a smartphone, because you simply scan the QR Code and view its content—no matter whether your phone uses Android, iPhone or another operating system! You have control over what you want to scan.


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