X BUNDLE: 2 Custom Pet ID Waggy Swaggy Tags AND 2 SWAGGY TAGS

  • $55.00

Bundle up with our Waggy Swaggy Bundle. You will receive:

2 CUSTOM ID TAGS for your Pet (Metal Hook, Flexible Vinyl Tag). They can both be the same if you have 1 pet OR if you have 2, we can do 2 different designs. Just make sure to upload pictures of both pets. Or with multiple pets, update your quantity and upload the correct number of pictures. If you have 1 Pet, you can always use the 2nd Tag as a backup OR a keychain to keep for yourself. Even upload a personal picture (wedding, kids, anything you want) We want you to have a little something special just like your fur baby is getting! 

2 Wallet Swaggy Tags to hook up your wallet. (to pull out your ID or debit card for example!) These will absolutely come in handy. They will have the same design(s) as your Waggy Swaggy Tags.


1. Select your TAG TYPE, FONT, FONT COLOR, BACKGROUND COLOR AND HOOK SIZE/FINISH. (please refer to the images above to see the choices before selecting from the dropdown menus what you'd like) This font/color will be used to spell out your pet's name.

3. TYPE in the box your Dog's NAME (for the front) AND your INFO (this can be your name, number, address, email, whatever you'd like. You can have as little or as much info as you prefer. We offer a Brand New QR code Tag, which houses all of your info instead of directly ON the tag. No other company is doing this! It adds a level of security where one must scan to view your personal info vs seeing it easily on the tag. QR code info can be UPDATED at ANY time! Got a new phone number? New address? Let us know and we can update it immediately. No need to get a new Tag. This is optional. But you can always select the option for a Traditional Tag with your info PRINTED directly on the Tags

1. Upload 1 favorite picture of your pet(s) (make sure it is as clear as possible. Or 2 pictures including 2nd pet or keychain picture) Having Trouble Uploading? Place the order without uploading. Then text your image to 352-606-9742 or email info@swaggytags.com or if you get stuck, text us at 352-606-9742 for assistance.

4. Add to cart and wait for the goodness to arrive!

You will receive a Digital Proof of your Tag for you to approve before we produce and ship it. So make sure your phone # or email are correct!


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