$1 SALE WHOLESALE Pick Your Own Swaggy Tags (credit card pull tags/tabs!) (Regular Colors, Not Custom)

  • $50.00
  • Save $75

 NO LIMIT ON AMOUNT! update quantity as needed.
Keep in mind these are Swaggy TAGS! These STICK to your cards with Reusable Adhesive.. If you want Grabber Keychains, head HERE

Save 50% off Retail price by purchasing bulk! Perfect for resale. Suggested retail $4.99ea. You pay $3 or less. Win win! 

MINIMUM IS 25 pieces to get bulk pricing.

If you want a custom amount that is 50+ (or have questions)  just text or call 352.606.9742 for assistance.


Don't have a logo but want to resell our tags and make MONEY? Click through the images above. Each tag is assigned a number. In the PICK YOUR OWN BOX above, TYPE in your corresponding numbers (For example, if you buy Pick your Own 50, make sure to enter what equals 50 numbers etc!) 50, 75 etc refers to # of Pieces. You can type for example, #12 X 5, #6 X 10 and so on if you want more than 1 of a certain Tag.

Want a logo or want something customized? Head over to the Logo/ Custom section HERE to upload your logo/designs or customize with your social media etc. Even add a QR code!

Want Pick your Own colors on front and your Logo or QR CODE (NEW!) or custom designs on back? Or vice versa? Also head to the LOGO section above. Type in your Numbers THERE on that page, and upload your logo. If you order from this page, they will be stock colors both sides.💜


1. SELECT your amount from the drop down menu.

2. TYPE your PICK YOUR OWN numbers. 

3. Select your packaging, 1 Tag per packaging, 2 Per  or (New!) Loose Tags with no packaging if you want to design your own packaging elsewhere. 

4. Add to cart

Swaggy Tags are REUSABLE. The Vinyl-based material we use is made with a proprietary process, with an end result that is weather resistant, glossy, and high quality. No residue is left behind on your card. Remove Swaggy Tags over and over!

Made in the USA

GET FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING W/TRACKING ON ORDERS OF $75+ (USA), $150+ Canada, and $200+ Rest of World.

Got Questions? Call or text ☎️352.606.9742 OR ☎️678.900.4563 & chat with us!  Or email info@swaggytags.com.            


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