USE CODE ZULAY SwaggyMat Premium Logo Nail, Craft Mat, Mani Mat, Logo Backboard Backdrop Background FREE LOGO CREATION if needed!

  • $109.00
  • Save $41

SALE! NORMALLY $150, NOW $109 FOR A LIMITED NUMBER OF ORDERS! This is for our slightly thinner version of the same SwaggyMat. Measuring around 0.35" thick vs 0.5"

The SwaggyMat is the MOST durable Mat for all of your Nail & Craft needs. Not only does it protect ALL of your creative content with a Watermarked background, but it can actually be USED! Go ahead and TOSS those dental bibs 😖and excess paper towels that are used as makeshift table covers. The SwaggyMat is REUSABLE and can be easily cleaned with a Baby Wipe or wet cloth. Don't film your next video without it! Use SwaggyMat with your Client Nailfies, Tumbler Tutorials, Jewelry Videos, Bling Creations & so much more! Even perfect for kids/teens as a fully personalized homework or travel mat! SwaggyMat is

➡️Reusable (over and over again!)

➡️Chemical & Abrasion Resistant 

➡️Has a Water Resistant Non Slip Base 

➡️Is 16" x 20" x 3/8" for an extra large canvas and comfortable cushion

➡️Made in USA 

➡️Comes with FREE Expedited Shipping on us

➡️Ships FAST within 2 Business Days (excluding weekends) After you approve your Proof. Proof is texted to you as soon as possible after order is placed from # 352-606-9742. So be on the lookout!

➡️Can have a repeated Logo Pattern OR a cluster of Social Media handles/websites/Etsy/phone # etc IF you don't have a Logo! OR we can create a simple logo for you OR your SwaggyMat can have ANY other personalization you can think of. Logo Creation is FREE! Did we say FREE?!

➡️ Can be used by kids or teens as a custom homework/craft mat that is easy to clean (think markers and paint!) as well as an easy travel mat for all ages while doing work in the car on a long drive! Place your book on it, papers (and actually be able to write on them comfortably!) and so much more.

➡️ Turnaround Time is currently 2 Business Days or Less after Proof approval.

SWIPE through images to see several examples!

*We have seen from experience that lighter color backgrounds work best for optimal videos on Logo/social media options, meaning white or lighter shades of pink, blue, yellow, purple, orange etc. 

Choose your Option. Upload your Logo OR type in your details as to what you want on your Mat. We will create your Proof based on the details you provide. For issues uploading your Files: place order without uploading, then TEXT them to 352-606-9742 OR EMAIL to

 For questions reach out to us at 678-900-4563 or 352-606-9742! 





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