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PO BOX 2662 
Alpharetta, Georgia 30023
The  Swaggy Brand since 2017! Our product line includes the Original Swaggy Tags, Swaggy Grabber Keychains, Mini Swaggy Grabber Keychains and the SwaggyMat. We are the Original Inventors of these products! They are 100% Made in the USA (now Atlanta, Georgia to be exact!)
We have over 1,000 Official Resellers in over 25 countries and employ American workers to hand make our products for our Half a Million Dollar company (and we're so proud to say that!) 
Moral of the story? No matter how small you start or the obstacles you face along the way, we're a testament that whatever is meant for you is just that. And no one else can take it!
-The Swaggy Brand