Wholesale Swaggy Tags & Grabbers

1,000+ Resellers & Counting. What's the DIFFERENCE?! Swaggy Tags, our flagship product, are Reusable Adhesive Tags that attach to cards in your wallet making it simple & stylish to pull them out without a struggle. Swaggy Grabber Keychains are a larger, non-adhesive product in the form of a keychain that clips to your card to retrieve it from a gas pump, ATM, parking meter and more! Wholesale TAGS: $2.50-$3.00 or less. Retail $5ea. Grabbers: $15ea, Retail $30. MINI Grabbers: $9.99ea, retail $19.99. If you need assistance ordering Wholesale, contact us at 678-900-4563 or 352-606-9742. We're here to help! Start Reselling the Swaggy Brand today!