CUSTOM Handmade Clay Flower Puzzle Piece Mirror Kit From

  • $75.00

It's Trendy and So fun!! Our Flower Puzzle Piece Mirror Panel Kits are easy to put up, and have handmade artistic flare. ✨️ Choose your desired overall size which correlates to a certain number of panels. Each panel comes with the flowers already attached.

Example: Overall 14" x 48" size is 4 panels with each measuring 14" x 12". These can be placed vertically or horizontally. Simply rearrange the "puzzle pieces" where the end result has the flowers along the outer edges as seen in the above pictures! (Likewise 24"x56" overall is 8 panels and so on)

Each Mirror is one of a kind. No 2 are exactly alike because the colors are inspired by YOU!. Choose from our mirror sizes & options and then let us know your color preferences. Swipe through the images for some inspiration! We can do glitter flowers, marble/tie dye or specific color schemes. Prices vary by mirror size/# of panels. Also select Flower Type (Petal- has a crease, Bubble- no crease-see images for side by side comparison) 

For color schemes think anything! You can upload a picture or business logo for color inspiration or think of examples like:

Barbie (all Pink, some glitter), Rugrats Suzie (Purples, yellow, white), Strawberry Shortcake (Pinks and greens), melanin (neutral tans and browns), sport team colors, pastels, Mermaid Vibes (purples, blues) etc! We will go over your color scheme/preferences before getting started!

For questions call or text 352-606-9742 anytime.

Includes Free Shipping

Ships within 5-7 Days or sooner 

Please handle with care! Each Mirror set comes with an Oopsie Kit containing a few extra flowers, adhesive & directions. 🌸

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