Pick Your Own SWAG

  • $25.00

Please read directions!!  Updated Numbers! All of these vinyl Swaggy Tags have a smooth finish, except for the glitter ones. The glitter has a textured feel that is sealed to prevent flaking and is extra sparkly!!(Feels like raw glitter nails)

Pick your Own Swag! 1 PACK= 5 TAGS (numbers)

1. Look through the numbers in the pictures above.

2. Type in the 5 numbers that you'd like. (Or more than 5, if you're buying more than 1 pack. 1 pack= 5 tags). EXAMPLE: 1, 5, 23, 64, 77 etc.

Also select if you want them packaged 5 per card, OR 1 Tag per Mini card (see last picture above for example). 

3. Add to Cart!