Swaggy Tags Pick Your Own (1 Pack=5 Tags!)

  • $25.00

SWIPE THROUGH FOR ALL IMAGES! Please READ directions!!  Updated Numbers! All of these vinyl Swaggy Tags have a smooth finish, except for the glitter ones. The glitter has a textured feel that is sealed to prevent flaking and is extra sparkly!!(Feels like raw glitter nails)

Pick your Own Colors! 1 PACK for $25= 5 TAGS (numbers)

1. Look through the numbers in the pictures above.

2. Type in the 5 numbers that you'd like. (Or more than 5, if you're buying more than 1 pack. 1 pack= 5 tags). EXAMPLE: 1, 5, 23, 64, 77 etc. Make sure to UPDATE your Cart Quantity if you'd like more than 5 Tags. WANNA BUNCHA TAGS AT WHOLESALE PRICE? Head over to the Wholesale Pick your Own section in the dropdown menu. Want custom tags with a logo or QR CODE? Head to the Logo section!

Also select if you want them packaged 5 per card, OR 1 Tag per Mini card (see last picture above for example). 

3. Add to Cart!

Swaggy Tags are Reusable Tags for pulling out credit cards, debit cards, ID, and store cards from your wallet with no hassles! Perfect for short nails, arthritis OR long nails! No more struggling at the gas pump and many ATMs. Even pick up dropped cards and coins on flat surfaces! We're also known as EZ ID Tags. Our instagram is @swaggytagsofficial 💜


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